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What is NACE®?

  • NACE® is a non-invasive prenatal screening test (NIPT Test) that analyzes the most frequent chromosomal alterations without compromising the pregnancy.
  • The NACE® test informs pregnant women about fetal chromosomal abnormalities like Down’s, Edward's and Patau’s syndromes. The test can be performed from the 10th gestational week onwards.
  • A simple peripheral blood extraction from the mother allows free DNA circulating in the maternal plasma to be detected via next generation sequencing technology and advanced bioinformatic analysis.
  • NACE® avoids delays in the delivery time for the results. The number of cases which require a second blood extraction is less than 0.1%.

Why NACE®?

Non-invasive Analyzes the most frequent chromosomal alterations with a simple blood extraction.
Results in 10 days
Results in 10 days Avoids delays in the delivery time for the results: 10 days
No risks
No risks An alternative test to amniocentesis completely safe for you and your baby.
Test analyzed by NGS
Test analyzed by NGS The most complete test.

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