Am I pregnant? Know the symptoms of pregnancy

25 November, 2015

The symptoms of pregnancy become apparent in the first few weeks. Your body starts to adapt itself in order to form and feed the baby, leading to the first changes in a woman’s body and pains and discomfort during pregnancy. Have you missed your period? Have you noticed that your breasts are larger? Do you get exhausted easily or have you been feeling sick? If you have answered yes to these questions, you may be pregnant. Let’s make sure!

Main symptoms of pregnancy

  • Have you missed your period? This is the clearest symptom. Women who have a stable and regular menstrual cycle may be pregnant if they are behind with their periods.
  • Have you noticed that your breasts are larger? The bust is one of the main parts of the body which changes in preparation for the arrival of the new-born infant. Some women are able to notice a slight swelling in their breasts from the very start and feel that this area is becoming increasingly tender.
  • Do you get exhausted easily? Exhaustion is due to hormonal changes with a vasodilator effect during pregnancy which, in turn, causes hypotension. It is important not to confuse these symptoms with exhaustion brought on by a working day, stress at work or any concerns which keep you awake at night.
  • Do you experience bleeding? The appearance of small vaginal bleeding may be another symptom of pregnancy. It is very slight bleeding and consists of a few drops of pink-coloured blood, different from those seen in the lead-up to menstruation. These small stains quickly disappear and no more bleeding is seen.
  • Are you constipated? In some cases, constipation is among the first signs of pregnancy. Stomach problems and a change in the sense of smell are sometimes combined with nausea or vomiting, and this symptom can get even worse during the pregnancy.

The symptoms indicating that a woman may be pregnant are varied and not always seen in all women. While some might be more prone to sickness, others may feel greater tenderness in the breast area. To find out more, you can download our eBook The first symptoms of your pregnancy” free of charge.