How can you look great during pregnancy?

When pregnant, it is normal to experience a flood of conflicting emotions. One moment, you feel so happy about the new life growing inside you, the next moment can make you sad when you think and look around your expanding and stretching body. When you see that your waistline has disappeared, your navel is popping out, your breast size has increased, and you don’t feel pretty anymore, everything around you starts feeling gloomy.

The worst time comes when you have these body changes but you still do not look pregnant. With the passing months, things can become easier. However, set aside all worries, as we are here to help you learn about the little beauty surprises that come with your pregnancy.

Some changes that will make you feel great during pregnancy

Nails grow fast: During your second trimester, you will start noticing that your nails are growing faster than usual. This is because of the pregnancy hormones. Now you can give shape and your desired look to your finger and toe nails.

Lustrous mane: You must have noticed that your hair has become bouncy and lustrous. Again, this is also because of pregnancy hormones. The estrogen hormone in pregnancy makes your hair thick, long and healthy. You will also notice that you don’t lose as much hair as before.

Glowing skin: In your second trimester, the female hormones are at their highest level and there is an increased blood volume. These cumulative effects give a luminescent and glowing look to your skin. You will realize this change when everyone starts complimenting your shining and healthy skin.

Increased breast size: For some women, perfect breast size is very important to enhance their body. You will go up one or two cup sizes. You must definitely enjoy this phase by wearing perfect sized and shaped bras.

The above body changes are quite obvious to every pregnant woman. However, there are many other things that you can do to look sexy and beautiful with your increased size and changed shape.

Visit parlors occasionally: We always say that pregnancy is the best time to pamper yourself. So, this time we would also suggest that you visit nearby parlors to get a manicure, pedicure, facial massage or body massage. Your growing nails and healthy skin will look awesome after these treatments.

Keep weight gain under control: It’s good to gain weight during pregnancy but extra weight gain could be dangerous. The extra weight gain is the extra adipose tissue deposited in your body which will pose a problem during delivery. A pregnant woman should only gain around 25 pounds to 35 pounds during her pregnancy.

New hair style: When your hair is so bouncy, beautiful and thick, why not try a revolutionizing hair style this time. Try new styles of braiding, buns or use fun accessories you always wanted to use.

Maintain a good posture: A pregnant woman tends to change her posture due to increased weight and change in gravity. Don’t slouch your shoulders or keep your belly out or throw shoulders backwards as you walk. Instead, you must keep your shoulders and hips in line to avoid strains. While sitting, try to keep a pillow behind your back to keep it straight.

What to wear: Increasing waistline and bulging tummy can make you distressed when it comes to wearing clothes during pregnancy. You might feel as if you don’t look good in anything. However, the right choice of color and dress patterns can make you look as sexy as ever. Before filling up your wardrobe with new maternity clothes, keep the following points in mind.

  • Choose dark: You must know that dark colors tend to make you look slimmer. Colors such as charcoal, navy blue, dark brown, black and so on minimize your bulky appearance and trim you.
  • Top to toe- one color: If you wear one single color from top to bottom, you will look taller and leaner. Wearing different colors creates a break in your figure and tends to focus the attention on your oversized body parts.
  • Fitted clothes: While pregnant, you always seek clothes that have enough room for your belly and bust. However, don’t go for anything that hangs from your shoulders. Avoid sleeves that come out from your hands. Wearing good fitting clothes keeps you active and enhances your body appearance. On the other hand, hanging shoulders give you a bulky look. Clingy clothes make you appear slimmer than baggy clothes. Moreover, good fitting clothes also reveal the real cause of your ballooning.

Amidst all these beauty tips, you must not forget about your doctor’s appointments as these are very important to ensure a healthy pregnancy. Go for all the routine tests. If your doctor has recommended genetic testing, you must opt for NACE test. This is a non-invasive test, which detects the possibility of chromosomal abnormalities in fetus from 10th week onwards. Along with being highly accurate, this screening test is completely safe and risk-free.

Besides this, you must always follow a healthy diet routine and exercise regime to keep you and your baby in a fit and fine condition.