How To Stay Comfortable This Winter, Especially If You are Pregnant

Hot summer and humid monsoon months are over. Winter is coming now. Every season brings some good and bad things along, same goes for the winters too. On one hand, winter feels like a breath of fresh air, on the other hand, the dry and irritable skin and sudden dip in temperature may seem like a nuisance. The problem is further aggravated when you are pregnant. When your deformed shape, morning sickness (if it is), emotional commotions and other such pregnancy woes are already all over your head, the winter woes can be a real nightmare.

Before telling you some important tips to deal with them, let us tell you some of the common issues a pregnant woman faces when mercury plummets.

  • Feeling dehydrated
  • Due to dip in temperature and foggy weather outside, outdoor activities are no fun.
  • Your loosest clothes do not fit you at all (However, it depends)
  • Dry and irritating skin
  • Probability of getting diseases and infections increases.


Here, we help you with some tips to make your winters warm, safe and comfortable.

Don’t look frumpy this winter, feel comfortable: Wearing layer on layer can make you look frumpy. However, smart dressing can make you look stylish along with keeping you comfortable. Try to wear cotton shirts/tops under woolen garments to prevent itching. Wear gloves, socks, hat and scarves whenever going out. When choosing trousers or skirts, make sure you pick the loose options. Pick comfortable winter maternity clothes but not more than one or two pieces as they will be a sheer waste once you deliver your baby.

Don’t let your skin irritate with the dipping temperature: A regular skin care routine can help you combat with the dry, chilly winds of winters. Don’t go for long hot baths. Instead, use lukewarm water for shower. Use glycerin, vaseline or other moisturizing creams /lotions on your body. Oil your hair regularly. Don’t forget to moisturize your bump as dry skin can cause itchiness which may lead to stretch marks in future. In winters, blood circulation slows down, so go for a regular foot, head and back massage.

Be regular with your exercise: It’s true that low temperature can keep you glued to your couch instead of letting you walk or exercise. However, you must know that physical activity is important to keep body pains and aches at bay. If you feel uncomfortable in going out, start prenatal exercise classes in your home. You can also join yoga classes which are meant for pregnant women.

If you are not going out, you may come across a deficiency of Vitamin D. Therefore, ensure that you get a relevant checkup and take supplements if needed.

winter 1

Protect yourself from germs and boost your immunity: Woolen garments and blankets have germs, which can cause infections. Any type of bacterial or viral infection can be harmful to a pregnant woman. Therefore, keep your hands clean. Keep a cloth on your mouth every time you are out as you never know when coughing and sneezing by others can make you sick. Get yourself vaccinated with all prescribed vaccines to prevent infections.

In India, Tulsi is considered as a great herb apart from being revered as a holy plant. It is believed that Tulsi tea clears congested throat and is a great immunity booster. Keep on drinking plenty of water to flush out harmful toxins out of your body.

Take as much rest as possible: Keeping yourself warm and comfortable is the best way to deal with the winter woes. Make yourself comfortable by using oil based heaters. Use indoor plants which give you enough oxygen and make your surroundings fresh and bright. Listen to your favorite music, read a book or just take rest.

Don’t forget regular health checkups: In winters, you may miss out on your daily morning walks or a visit to your relative. However, never miss your doctor’s visit as every visit is important based on the week of your pregnancy. You should not miss any prenatal test as every test is vital for knowing the condition of your baby.  Some women are advised to go for prenatal genetic screening based on the risk of having any kind of genetic disorder in her baby.

These days, NACE (Non-invasive Analysis for Chromosomal Examination) is a preferred test over the invasive diagnostic tests such as Amniocentesis or low sensitivity tests such as Double marker & Triple marker test. NACE is a simple blood test that detects the probability of chromosomal abnormalities in the fetus with great accuracy.

Eat winter foods: The low temperature of the winters takes away your energy. Therefore, you need to eat more for you and your baby. Vitamin C boosts your immunity and act as antioxidant. Winters give you a rich source of the same in the form of Amla. Consume it in the form of chutneys, juices or pickles. Similarly, saffron also boosts immunity, so drink saffron or kesar milk every day. Make a habit of eating a handful of nuts everyday as they are a rich source of oils, vitamins and give you the much needed calories.

In winters, you must enjoy revri, gajak, laddu, chikki or patti. Gur and Til are good for your body as they keep you warm. In winters, we tend to drink less water. However, staying hydrated is essential for a pregnant woman. Drink fresh juices of fruits and vegetables. Keep a bottle of water with you every time.

Instead of getting upset about the winters, just relish your winter pregnancy. Stay calm and enjoy the love and pampering by your loved ones.

Happy Pregnancy!