Week 12 of pregnancy: saying good-bye to the first trimester

5 December, 2015 , ,

Throughout the nine months of pregnancy, some occasions are remembered with particular fondness and emotion. One of them is week 12 of pregnancy, a time when you say good-bye to the first trimester of pregnancy and you begin to enjoy the second trimester as a pregnant woman.

 Week 12 of pregnancy: a key time

Going from the first trimester to the second trimester of pregnancy entails many changes; these changes will affect both the foetus and the mother. But in addition to all those inevitable changes, week 12 of pregnancy is one of the key times in the pregnancy for a number of reasons.

Week 12 of pregnancy is believed to be the most suitable for the first ultrasound as it will indicate whether you will give birth to a healthy baby. However, it is true that it can be performed before this time, but this is the week in which the first really important ultrasound will be performed from a medical perspective. This ultrasound allows us to check the following aspects:

  • Time of pregnancy. This ultrasound allows us to determine the exact pregnancy period.
  • Checking the mother’s condition. Exploration of the genital organs to check that everything is as it should be.
  • Discovering the baby’s condition. The embryo is analysed to make sure that it is alive and a check is performed to ascertain whether it is a multiple pregnancy.
  • Abnormalities. A high-level ultrasound in week 12 can determine whether there are any abnormalities. At this time, up to 60-70% of abnormalities that appear throughout the whole pregnancy can be detected.
  • The first trimester screening is carried out This scan is performed in a bid to determine the risk of any alterations in chromosomes; however, this can be checked as of week 10 via the non-invasive prenatal test NACE.

In addition to all this, as of week 12 the risk of miscarriage begins to fall, which means that many women choose to tell people the good news!

Changes in the mother in week 12 of the pregnancy

Week 12 of the pregnancy sees many changes that you will start to notice in your body.

  • One of the main changes is that you start to appreciate the size of your uterus with the naked eye. You will also feel it in your clothing; you will start to find any tight-fitting clothing uncomfortable.
  • More than 60% of women assert that as of week 12 of pregnancy, morning sickness starts to ease off, with the benefit that this has for pregnant women.
  • You may start to feel symptoms of acidity and these may affect your appetite. You will have to take greater care of your diet and do some exercise.
  • Your sense of smell intensifies and you may no longer be able to bear the smell of some foods.
  • This is the time when you are most likely to develop skin blemishes, meaning that you will have to carefully protect yourself from the sun and avoid lengthy exposures.

Changes in the baby in week 12 of the pregnancy

If you begin to notice small changes in this week, the same will apply to your baby. In terms of its development, all vital organs have already developed and its head is gradually adopting its round shape. Its growth in this week is very quick, both in terms of weight and size. This is the week when the baby measures approximately between 60 and 70 millimetres and weighs between 9 and 14 grams.

This is the precise week when its vocal cords start to develop, and the finger and toe nails begin to grow. The genitals are now completely developed this is not the case: If they refer to heart beats, they are at no time obvious to the mother. If they refer to movements, they are felt by the mother at a later stage, as of week 20; furthermore, they are not felt during ultrasounds, even if they can be seen.